Special Events

Annual Dinner

Each year in April we host an annual dinner in which we gather together with friends, volunteers, and supporters of the ministry to celebrate what God has done throughout the year. We always have delicious food and a great time of fellowship together. We update everyone on the highlights of our clubs as well as other aspects of the ministry. We are also challenged to seek great things from God for the future. If you have never attended one of our annual dinners, plan now to attend this year. You will be glad you did! See you there.

Workers Conference

We have the BEST volunteers in the world! In order to be the most effective in their ministries, each September we conduct a four hour Orientation/Training Conference to equip our volunteers to be as effective as possible in their clubs. The conference is free and includes all of the materials and tools necessary to start their club year confidently. We also bring additional materials which teachers can borrow or purchase to enhance their clubs even more. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, beginning a club for the first time, or just helping out, you won’t want to miss this exciting conference. We also hold additional Workers’ meetings in October, November, January and February in order to encourage our volunteers and help them to be leaders who are “reaching unreached but reachable” children with the Gospel in the public schools.

Fun Day

Every year, the third Saturday in March we hold a fun event for the whole family. We take the theme from the year and design games which help the students review what they have learned throughout the year. Each game is a carnival style game and as each one is completed the student receives a prize. We always invite a guest to come and share a special message with everyone. Snacks are also served. At the end of the day, students leave with a bag full of prizes. All for free! Don’t miss this years Fun Day. We look forward to seeing you in March! For more information on the time and location of this event, please call our office.


A great way to promote our Bible Clubs in the community is to participate in the local parades using our Mobile Classroom. Each year we participate in three local parades. We walk in the Jenison Memorial Day Parade, the Grandville Forth of July Parade, and the Hudsonville Holiday Parade (Nov.). In each parade we pass out an invitation to join a Bible Club in the area. Included with each invitation is a Gospel tract and a sweet treat. We also get our Bible clubbers involved by having them walk and carry signs with the names of the schools where we have clubs. In some parades, the children also help us pass out the invitations. If you attend any of these parades, look for us and greet us as we walk by. Better yet, contact our office and let us know that you would like to participate with us in a parade. We would love for you to be a part of our ministry in this way.